Martí Julià Healthcare Park- St. Caterina Hospital


The Brullet-de Luna architecture studio has a base of professional architects, urbanist, students of the last degree of architecture and administrative personnel. This studio works with a network of external collaborators entrusted with distinct aspects such as calculating structures, installations, sustainability and cost control.

The study builds projects of public works and private works. With the specialization in health centers, research centers, universities and schools, cultural centers, sports centers and pavilions, administrative Buildings and offices, public housing and the rehabilitation of catalogued buildings.

The studio works together as well with other national and international architecture collectives, for the works of competitions in health centers and research centers. The most continued association studio is Pinearq of Barcelona and huber staudt architekten of Berlin. The experience that we reached during those years of works give us great mechanisms that enable it to deal with wide-ranging projects with total guarantee and solvency. 

The Brullet-de Luna studio plans architecture that is based for the user: men and women are the core of its projects. Comfort, domesticity, functionality, spatial appropriateness, ergonomics and feelings are the basis of its work. To sum up, it is a commitment to the humanisation of public and private spaces.

From the technical point of view the studio prioritises the constructive aspect. The construction is the hard core of architecture and, therefore, the constructive rationality, the adaptation of the materials and the relationship between quality and costs are the elements around which a project’s organised and which make good architecture possible.

Most of the studio’s work is built in Catalonia, in cities such as Barcelona, Tarragona, Mataró, Salt, Castelldefels, Vilassar, Premià de Dalt, Pineda de Mar, Salou, Viladecans, Granollers, etc…. The Hedwigshöhe Hospital in Berlin is one of should be pointed as international projects.

The studio has recently won some competitions, for exemple  the Research Campus for the university Carlos III in Madrid and the new building for the research of new materials ECOMAT in Bremen, Germany.   

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