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Foto © Xia Zhi
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Foto © Yang Chaoying
Foto © Yang Chaoying
Foto © Yang Chaoying
Foto © Xia Zhi
Foto © Xia Zhi
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Beijing, China
Beijing Aimer Lingerie Co. Ltd., 爱慕集团
Giacomo Butte, Cristina Portolés, Tracey Loontjens, Filip Gałuszka, Sam Shang, Binke Lenhardt, Dong Hao
Collaborating Architects
BIAD International Studio
BIAD TSH International Studio

Representing the image of the company using a single large volume, cultivating the brand message of a leading enterprise from the architecture to the interior and into the landscape. Aimer's fashion base is more than a factory but a place for people to work.


Established in 1992, Aimer Lingerie is a leading Chinese company producing high-end lingerie, underwear and body wear. The complex houses their production line, distribution center, storage facility, quality control, research and development department, as well as offices.

One continuous story is told across the whole complex, from the first impression of the overall mass of the building on approach, to the landscape that surrounds it and tears through the center of the mass as a cavernous void that brings light and landscape into the depths of the industrial building.

Completing the vision of the brand, the landscape isn't just restricted to the outside, it continues as a journey inside. Translated from the bigger architectural language, a landscape of paths and patterns forges communication between departments and a transparency to visitors.

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