Architecture and Video Games

John Hill
20. October 2020
Photo: Screenshot

A new video from Polygon explores the role of architecture in video games, discussing how players move and feel in such games as Control, Dark Souls, Portal, and Gone Home.

"Video game architecture is full of secrets" focuses on four characteristics of architecture that architects of real buildings will be very familiar with: space, construction, material, and light. Host Simone de Rochefort runs through these four aspects of architecture over the course of 13 minutes, speaking with designers of some of the games listed above, as well as architectural designers. 

The synergy between architects and game designers comes across most strongly in the comments of Sandra Youkhana and Luke Pearson of You+Pea, who run the Videogame Urbanism studio at the Bartlett School of Architecture. With designers in both realms using the same software for modeling and rendering, video games will increasingly influence the architecture of real spaces, not just the other way around.


Also worth watching is a video from last year, when Polygon took a closer look at the Brutalist architecture of Control:

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