Circling SHoP's Supertall

John Hill
5. April 2022
Photo: Screenshot

According to Dezeen, the "1,428-foot-tall (435-meter) tower reached completion last week, with the developers announcing that it is ready for residents to move in." The 84-story tower has just 46 units (14 more are in the landmarked Steinway Building at its base), with multi-height condos located near the top of the tower, where the floor plates get smaller due to the tapering form of the skyscraper. With a slenderness ratio (width to height) of 1:24, the residential skyscraper is the skinniest tower in the world. Although The Dronalist's 14-minute film was shot last year, when a few months of construction were still to go, it clearly captures the final form of the skyscraper and the skinniness that makes it a standout among the other Billionaire's Row supertalls.

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