Doshi, The Primordial Architect

John Hill
26. January 2023
Photo: Screenshot

Doshi: The Second Chapter (2019) is the second film about the great Indian architect directed by Premjit Ramachandran and made with his brother Bijoy, architect at Hundredhands. Their first, eponymous Doshi documentary was first screened in 2008, a full decade before Doshi's Pritzker. That prize prompted the brothers to return to Sangath, Doshi's Ahmedabad studio, “to spend time with him to unravel more of the myth, metaphor and magic that make Doshi so magnetic.”

For them, the second documentary “not only introduce[s] people to a truly great modern architect, but also to an evolved, cultured human being and help[s] redirect our attention to the truly important questions of our time.”

The sixth chapter from Doshi: The Second Chapter, “Architecture as Organism (The Primordial Architect),” intersperses an interview with Doshi and footage of Amdavad ni Gufa, one of the architect's masterpieces:

All chapters of "Doshi: The Second Chapter," linked to the Vimeo channel of Hinterland Films:

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