'Less Concrete, More Earth'

John Hill
2. March 2021
Anna Heringer (Photo: Screenshot)

The latest film from the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art features Marc-Christoph Wagner interviewing German architect Anna Heringer at her studio in Laufen, Germany, in September 2020.

A piece of cardboard with the phrase "Less Concrete, More Earth" written on it appears about ten minutes into the new half-hour documentary titled Leave No Waste, But Knowledge. We first heard this statement — a clear sign of Anna Heringer's activism — during a presentation Heringer gave in early 2019 at a conference sponsored by a cement company. Her convictions for rammed earth, bamboo, and other natural materials over concrete and steel are strongly aligned with her belief in the social power of architecture. Much of the beautifully made film focuses on the award-winning Anandaloy Building in northern Bangladesh, which the Louisiana Museum profiled in a short film, The Walls Are Dancing, last year.

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