Skovsted Johansen's 'Silent Architecture'

John Hill
26. January 2021
Tipperne Bird Sanctuary (Photo: Screenshot)

A new half-hour documentary from the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art profiles architects Søren Johansen and Sebastian Skovsted, whose Copenhagen studio is "a rising star of the architecture scene in Northern Europe."

Speaking with Marc-Christoph Wagner at their studio in August 2020, the architects recount how they united to form Johansen Skovsted Arkitekter and describe how their approach results in buildings that are simple and, like them, calm and quiet: "When you ask about minimalism in our work or any other ism, we are not interested in simplicity for simplicity's sake. But we like it when things are cut to the bone."

Much of the documentary provides glances of two multi-building projects: a tower, workshop, and bird blind at Tipperne Bird Sanctuary; and the transformation of three pump stations along the Skjern River in West Jutland. Viewers also see construction progress at the CODAN Office and Warehouse in Køge and a custom-designed bookcase. Simplicity of form and material spans the scales and types of projects, as does a sensitivity to context that means simple does not equal boring.

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