‘Les Matérialistes’ and a Truly Circular Economy

Welcome to 2050

John Hill
12. June 2024
Photo: Les Matérialistes, courtesy of v2com

Statements about the construction industry's role in emitting carbon and creating waste are common — so common that they can be easily ignored if presented dryly alongside the latest findings on the circular economy, for instance, or as part of yet another article on sustainable construction. How do individuals and organizations working toward systems of circular building drum up interest and support for their cause?

“Instead of sharing a long and boring written report that most people would find tedious,” states Architecture Without Borders Quebec, Dark Matter Labs, Les Interstices, and RECYC-QUÉBEC, their production “offers an engaging short fiction film to continue a broader conversation on the subject in a more engaging, visual, fun, and visceral way than traditional communication methods.”

The 10-minute film, which you can watch below, was based on the input of dozens of stakeholders from Québec and beyond in a participatory futurism workshop, but it is meant to be a starting point, not a conclusion. After watching, head to the Les Matérialistes website to fill out a questionnaire about the film and the ideas for a Utopia in the year 2050 it advances.

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