Chybik + Kristof's Lahofer Winery

John Hill
5. August 2020
Photo © Chybik + Kristof

Chybik + Kristof Architects & Urban Designers have completed construction of the Lahofer Winery in the Dobšice, Czech Republic, a building that "fuses [Moravia's] longstanding wine tradition with a contemporary design."

The winery, five years in the making, is comprised of three distinct interconnected structures: a wine-making facility, the winery's offices, and a visitor center and adjoining tasting room. The offices and public areas are marked by concrete vaults across which an undulating roof crests. This roof serves as a venue for events, such as the concert captured in photos of the completed building.

Photo © alex shoots buildings

The parallel concrete vaults were designed in reference to "the region’s characteristic arched wine cellars" and "the design of archetypal Czech wineries defined by the exposed rib construction of the arches." The architects even went so far as to align the structural vaults with the rows of grapes in the landscape just south of the building, "achieving perfect visual symmetry and guiding the viewer’s gaze across the grapevines."

Photo © alex shoots buildings

Another noticeable feature is the surface of the curved roof, which appears to the rough residue of the concrete formwork, a marked contrast with the smooth arches. In fact it is a large-scale mural by Czech contemporary artist Patrik Hábl that covers the whole ceiling. Per the architects, "its tampered, irregular and sparse strokes, ranging from earthy reds and blacks to terroir-reminiscent browns and beiges, echo the variations of the soil and its weightlessness as it seemingly lifts from the ground, leaving its timeless markings on the walls."

Photo © alex shoots buildings

Visit Chybik + Kristof Architects & Urban Designers' profile to see much more of the Lahofer Winery.

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