Zooming into Architecture

John Hill
29. April 2020
Photo courtesy of Turenscape, modified by World-Architects

Need a more interesting backdrop than the wall behind your couch or messy shelves for for your next Zoom or Skype meeting? We dug through projects recently uploaded to World-Architects for some eye-catching visuals that should liven up online meetings.

Using images as backdrops for Zoom calls is nothing new, but with last week's update to Skype now allowing the same, it seemed like a good time to offer some backdrop suggestions aligned with architecture. The below photos, sixteen of them, were culled from recently updated office profiles and were selected with primarily visual criteria in mind: 

  • a horizontal orientation to fit on screens
  • free (for the most part) of distracting people
  • symmetrical compositions (more or less)
  • spatial rather than frontal in character
  • architecturally striking and fun

The spatial consideration is the most unique criteria, with the idea being that these images will make people on Skype or Zoom look like they are virtually inside a space rather than in front of a backdrop.

Lastly, the copyright for these images remains with the photographers, as noted. So please use them for online meetings with colleagues or friends, not for appearances on television or online media. Have fun and stay healthy!

Turenscape: Tongnan Dafosi Wetland Park (Photo courtesy of Turenscape) [Image link]
Evolution Design: Sberbank Headquarters in Moscow (Photo © Sergey Melnikoff | Sberbank) [Image link]
Nemesi Studio: Italy Pavilion Expo 2015 (Photo © Luigi Filetici) [Image link]
Wutopia Lab: Flagship Store of Duoyun Books (Photo © CreatAR Images) [Image link]
Christoph Hesse Architects: StrohTherme (Photo © Thomas Baron) [Image link]
OPEN Architecture: UCCA Dune Art Museum (Photo © WU Qingshan) [Image link]
3andwich Design / He Wei Studio: B Garden (Photo © Jin Weiqi) [Image link]
Atelier Jian: Tree Courtyard (Photo © CHEN Peixin) [Image link]
Ippolito Fleitz Group – Identity Architects: SOHO 3Q WuJiaoChang (Photo © Sui Sicong) [Image link]
Clayton & Little: Eberly (Photo © Merrick Ales) [Image link]
Wutopia Lab: Lolly-Laputan Kids Cafe (Photo © CreatAR Images) [Image link]
Crossboundaries: The Known (Photo © BAI Yu) [Image link]
Wutopia Lab: Models in Model (Photo © CreatAR Images) [Image link]
OPEN Architecture: UCCA Dune Art Museum (Photo © WU Qingshan) [Image link]
Intercon: Shaza Riyadh Residences (Photo courtesy of Intercon) [Image link]
Susumu Matsushita Architecture & Lighting Design Labo.: Chuson-ji Autumn Leaves Galaxy (Photo courtesy of designer) [Image link]

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