Shortlist for Architectural Criticism Awards

John Hill
25. August 2020
The seven books in the running for the CICA Bruno Zevi Book Award 2020

The International Committee of Architectural Critics (CICA) has released its shortlist of books and essays in the running for the Dennis Sharp CICA Awards 2020.

The triennial awards are given out by CICA at the UIA World Congress of Architects, which was originally scheduled to be held in Rio de Janeiro in July. With the coronavirus pandemic, the event is taking place in July 2021 and we are just now learning about the shortlist for the best architectural criticism over the previous three years.

The shortlist of publications is broken down into four categories:

  • Bruno Zevi Book Award: For published books on architectural criticism, theory and history;
  • Julius Posener Exhibition Catalogue Award: For a critical text, preface or introduction published in an exhibition catalogue or supporting publication produced for an architectural exhibition;
  • Pierre Vago Journalism Award: For an article of architectural criticism for individual, institutional or society magazines, newspapers and journals;
  • Marina Waisman Digital Communication Award: For Non-print media and publications.

The awards are named for Dennis Sharp (1933-2010), the British architect, writer, teacher and critic, who wrote many books and had an eponymous practice that continues to this day — more than 50 years after he established it.

Bruno Zevi Book Award

Julius Posener Exhibition Catalogue Award

Pierre Vago Journalism Award

Marina Waisman Digital Communication Award

The international jury is comprised of:

  • Wilfried Wang (Chair, Germany/USA)
  • Fernando Diez (Argentina)
  • Karen Eicker (South Africa)
  • Louise Noelle Gras (Mexico)
  • Süha Özkan (Turkey)
  • Xing Ruan (China/Australia)
  • Joseph Rykwert (USA/UK)

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