'Split Lives' Wins TRANSFER Architecture Video Award 2021

John Hill
1. November 2021
Image via TRANSFER

The TRANSFER Global Architecture Platform has revealed the winner of its 2021 Architecture Video Award: Split Lives by Joshua Bolchover and John Lin of Rural Urban Framework.

Announced on Friday, October 29, in the framework of the cinema encounters Écrans Urbains, the winning short film in the second TRANSFER Architecture Video Award tells "stories from the underground house," which is also the subtitle of Split Lives. Employing a split screen with underground courtyards below and urban street scenes above, the film argues that transformation of the few remaining underground houses in Chinese villages is preferable to erasure. As Joshua Bolchover and John Lin of Rural Urban Framework state in the short film:

"In the past, many rural communities collectively built houses for their individual members. The process of house-making directly strengthened the community. The design of vernacular dwellings embodied the ingenuity of everyday house-builders and explored their ability to respond to a rich diversity of challenging environments with limited resources. Today, processes of urbanization have transformed how people live together."

The finalists, with links to the videos on TRANSFER's Vimeo channel:

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