Vectorworks 2022 Released

John Hill
15. September 2021
Image courtesy of Vectorworks

Vectorworks, Inc. has announced the 2022 release of its suite of software for architecture, landscape, entertainment, and interior design industries: Vectorworks Architect, Landmark, Spotlight, Fundamentals, Braceworks, ConnectCAD, and Vision.

The main areas of development in Vectorworks 2022 are the "core technologies and interfaces [that] make Vectorworks products faster and more intuitive," according to a press release from the software company. Vectorworks runs natively on Apple silicon processors — the first BIM application to do so, the company proudly boasts — and tests of the 2022 releases have shown speed increases of two to four times. Similar improvements happening with the Vectorworks Graphic Module (VGM), which has been purpose-built for Metal on Mac and DirectX on Windows.

Vectorworks CEO, Dr. Biplab Sarkar, reiterated this focus in a statement: "Vectorworks 2022 is an invitation to embrace the exceptional flexibility and interoperability that is expected of our purpose-built, design- focused products. When you dive into all the advances in the product line, you can see how we are constantly investing in developments that deliver workflow freedom to designers and creators throughout the architecture, landscape, interiors and entertainment design industries."

Though not new, one change in Vectorworks 2022 is the renaming of Vectorworks Designer to Vectorworks Design Suite, reflecting the integration of Vectorworks Fundamentals, Architect, Landmark, and Spotlight — for basic design, architecture and interiors, landscape design, and entertainment, respectively — in one interface with design and BIM capabilities.

A few highlights of Vectorworks 2022, particularly features relevant to architects and landscape architects, are below, with descriptions courtesy of Vectorworks and links to videos with more information on the features.

Image courtesy of Vectorworks

Redshift Render Mode with Maxon: "In partnership with sister company Maxon, Vectorworks 2022 introduces a new GPU-accelerated render mode called 'Redshift' which speeds up rendering time without sacrificing the quality of your design using features like lighting, reflections, volumetric effects, camera effects and anti-aliasing."

Twinmotion Direct Link: "In Vectorworks 2022, we’re introducing a direct link between your model and Twinmotion that allows you to make changes in Vectorworks and easily have them reflected in the linked file. By eliminating the intermediate steps of exporting and importing, you can save time and easily control the quality of necessary geometries for real-time rendering."

Direct Stair Editing (Image courtesy of Vectorworks)

Direct Stair Editing: "Enhancements to the stair plug-in object introduce interactive placement and reshaping in both 2D and 3D views. With the new rectangle and polygon mode you can easily place a stair between walls or follow a floor opening without measuring distances. Just draw a rectangle or a path and your stair object is placed. You can now use the new tool settings to set the side length, width and total rise of the stair without opening the dialog box. Not to mention you can also use control points to stretch and contract stairs to change the length or curvature within a space."

Wall Component Control: "In Vectorworks 2022 you can define wall component wrapping at window and door openings for a more realistic BIM model and accurate 2D drawings. We've also combined the round and straight wall into a singular wall object for easier and more accurate reporting."

Wall Component Control (Image courtesy of Vectorworks)

Plant Root Zone: "Get complete representations of installed plants with the new root ball settings. The added geometry and specified data for plant root balls provide the crucial information you need to complete your BIM for landscape workflow and better collaborate with consultants. The new additions to the Plant Object allow for both 2D and 3D representation of root balls and excavation zones."

Site Model Components: "Enjoy the ability to define subsurface geological strata as components within your Site Model. New site model components create solid geometry that can be accurately represented in 2D elevation, section and textured 3D views. The upgraded object components accommodate fixed or variable thicknesses of the strata, allowing you to create an accurate BIM model."

Site Model Components (Image courtesy of Vectorworks)
Visit the Vectorworks 2022 website to watch short videos and learn much more about the new features in Architect, Fundamentals, Landmark, and the rest of the Vectorworks software suite.

Interested in attending the 2021 Vectorworks Design Summit, which takes place online November 1-3? Registration is now open.

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