Hamburg, Germany

Initially only digitally and at a later date to be experienced in a personal visit on site at the Galerie Borchardt (BAID): Since May 2021, the urban artist Mirko Reisser (DAIM) has taken over the rooms of the Galerie Borchardt and will transform them into a Gesamtkunstwerk in a longer process. The project, funded by the Stiftung Kunstfonds as part of the NEUSTART KULTUR program, is initially a media-mediated urban art project that will then be open to the public, using wall designs and spatial installations to encourage the integration of artistic contributions into the planning of architecture.

The event is aimed at the same time at people interested in art, as well as at people who belong to the world of architecture in the broadest sense. The aim is to promote an encouraging discourse that stimulates and demonstrates the inclusion of artistic contributions in the planning of construction measures. This specific case is intended to exemplify the special possibilities offered by collaboration with DAIM.

The Borchardt Gallery is spatially connected to the architectural office BAID, which extends over three floors in the historic "Hopfenburg", a historical Kontorhaus. Founded in 1997 by Peter Borchardt, the gallery operates at the interface of art and architecture. It is the concern of the gallery owner to bring together artists and architects as well as builders - often with the result of realizing new projects together. Among the artists represented by Peter Borchardt are the urban artist Mirko Reisser (DAIM), Trak Wendisch, Wolfgang Flad, Vivian Kahra, Bodo Korsig and many others.