10. Creative Drink after renovation
Photo © 张超
Streetscape concept
Picture © 厘米制造
The shop is inserted into the diverse business life situation of urban village
Photo © 张超
the combination of different functional spaces create an interesting multi-dimensional street space interaction
Photo © 张超
Photo © 张超
The spiral staircase connecting space up and down brings closer relationship between the indoor space and the streets
Photo © 张超
Overlook of the spiral staircase
Photo © 张超
The bar and sale area are facing the street
Photo © 张超
Deck area on the first floor
Photo © 张超
The window bar on the second floor
Photo © 张超
Space infiltration and continuity is achieved by the partial hollowing
Photo © 张超
The graphics from Xinzhou Nancun map is superimposed and implanted into the interior space
Photo © 张超
Concept diagram: combine the map of Xinzhou South Village with the interior elements
Picture © 厘米制造
First floor & second floor plan
Drawing © 厘米制造
Axonometric drawings of the structure details
Drawing © 厘米制造
Drawing © 厘米制造

Village In The City - Lane In The Village: 10.Creative Drink

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Shenzhen, China
1-5 Stories
陈丹平, 廖俊, 王真, 朱韶峰, 杨恒

"10.Creative Drink"is an commercial shop renovation project after the "T.LOFT Concept Experience Museum" located in urban village at Futian District, Shenzhen , where commercial shops are faced with the need of diversified space, personalized change under multi-cultural village background. The "10.Creative Drink" is located at the crossroads of two important streets in the Xinzhou South Village, center of Futiandistrict.The rapid crowds and the L-shaped street corner business interface consists of the important factor in the regional node.The Indoor space, though less than 100 cubic meters, is designed to meet the basic business activities as well as to provide a cultural and artistic exchange platform for the surrounding people, also hope to produce a differentiated behavior symbiotic in this small scale space.
Our strategy is to maximize the use of the space feature of two streets, the commercial sale bar facing street, the spiral staircase extended to the streets ,the two-story viewing windowsill and other serial functional space are inserted into the village diverse business life,thus creating a subtle, vivid, interesting multi-dimensional street space interaction.
With the spatial characteristics of the urban area of Xinzhou Nancun and the functional structure of the surrounding cities, the design breaks the spatial pattern of the traditional single business model, giving the space more cultural, artistic and public intent so as to create the maximum communication possibility for the consumer , and further strengthen the city village diversity.
Based on the existing urban village street space system, the rebuilt integrated image forms a strong visual contrast with the relatively chaotic atmosphere, creating a new business culture coordinates in Xinzhou South Village.
For interior design, the graphics from Xinzhou Nancun map is combined with the cabinet, the display wall and electric box equipment.The space infiltration and continuity is achieved by patrial double layer design, where spiral stairs connect space up and down, the curved glass facade extense sight line between indoor and outdoor ,letting indoor space closer to streets. Multiple functions,such as shading, view bar, storage, volume gate cover arr integrated into the second floor facade.
The drink production bar ,sale area and deck area are set on first floor,while the second floor can be converted into small art exhibition, salon activities, theme parties etc, to under the premise of meeting the basic business need.
In facing with of the challenges of complex urban village, CMDESIGN hopes to seek more suitable design way other than the "overturned reconstruction" method through a series of project in urban villages of Shenzhen, providing multi-dimensional space needs and giving the village life more meaning and value.

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