Photo © Andreas Horsky
Picture © kadawittfeldarchitektur
Photo © Andreas Horsky
Photo © Andreas Horsky
Photo © Andreas Horsky
Photo © Andreas Horsky
Photo © Andreas Horsky
Photo © Andreas Horsky
Drawing © kadawittfeldarchitektur

Diocesan Chancery

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Am Klosterplatz 7, 52062 Aachen, Germany
Bistum Aachen
GFA 5.200 m²
2015, 1st prize
Project management
Michael Krumm

The reorganisation of offices and the new facade design have been used as an opportunity to bring the structure up to date with current energy standards. The reduced primary energy demand and the economical use of resources achieved through the upgrade reflect the considerate approach to the environment. Responding to the characteristics of the location, the new facade design blends in well with the cathedral complex and, for the first time, visibly displays the building’s function as a clerical institution. The colonnade of columns surrounding the ground floor completes the formerly undefined appearance of the buildings. Two courtyards are formed within the walls resembling the traditional structure of those next door, the Domhof and Katschhof. A new attractive entrance is created on the city square Klosterplatz through the interplay of columns and the Chancery’s courtyards. The two-storey foyer with café protruding into the courtyard is extended by a pleasant terrace with seating steps. As a result, the courtyard is not only an inviting place for employees to sit and relax when taking a break but also a pleasant outside waiting area for visitors to the Chancery.

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