Kindergarten Sighartstein

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Sighartstein, Austria

BRIEF. A kindergarten integrated into the landscape like a chameleon (including a crèche) for 4 groups.

ADDED VALUE: Genius Loci – the first impression of this place in the midst of green meadows and fields leads to the concept of the built playground. The elevated and abstractly stylized “grass” facade of the cubic building brings a certain harmony to the volume as well as an identity and orientation for the kindergarten. The inner organization follows the logic of use: kindergarten groups have open access to the gardens while the crèche groups are kept safe in the floor above. The mid-point of the building is the multifunctional “interactions space” - a public communication area located at the intersection between functions.

The concept of the “kindergarten-in-motion” includes the surrounding area of unspoilt nature. The building can be explored in different ways by a vertical and horizontal three-dimensional network. The design of the building is developed from two horizontal layers that surround a central hall and courtyard. The two L- and U-shaped levels result in an open, multilayer structure. They become the floor, ceiling, roof and gallery for the rooms of the kindergarten, and outside they form a terrace and playground “ramp.” The spatial structure creates new views and invites the children to move within indoor and outdoor areas. The central hall is multifunctional, and the patio and the dining hall can be opened so the outdoor area can “flow” deep into the building.


Construction volume
gfa 1.001m² cubature 3.665m³

Stadtgemeinde Neumarkt am Wallersee


1st prize 2003

Project manager
Kerstin Tulke, Arnd Schüle

Angelo Kaunat

europäischer FarbDesignPreis – 2nd prize
ar award – honorable mention
international architecture award 2010 the chicago athenaeum

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