Photo © Helmut Pierer
Photo © Robert Deopito
Photo © Robert Deopito
Photo © Taufik Kenan
Photo © Taufik Kenan
Photo © Helmut Pierer
Photo © Taufik Kenan
Photo © Helmut Pierer
Photo © Helmut Pierer
Photo © Robert Deopito

Salzburg Central Station

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Salzburg, Austria

BRIEF: Optimization of the track access and the roofing of the new platforms within the existing train station.

ADDED VALUE: Though an expansion of the underpass into a shopping gallery, the access to the trains is upgraded through natural lighting over the generous platform entrances, from a dark access space to an open pedestrian zone. The new organization of the Salzburg train station becomes an urban density project that not only serves the mobility and comfort of the traveller but also creates a public space and connects various districts of the city.

The authentic integration of the existing historic structures into the new overall scheme for the central station in Salzburg lends the complex its unique, fascinating character. Following the tracks, the curved platform roofs nestle at a respectful distance against the carefully restored, intricately constructed historic platform hall and form a spacious, continuous roof surface above the platforms. This dynamic spatial construct interprets the movements of the trains that are entering or slowing down, and thus gives the station its unmistakable appearance. Above the restored historic concourse, a dynamically landscaped urban space with airy height, the Passage, not only links the various levels and functions of the station project, but also provides essential urban impulses as a connection between the two city districts on either side of the tracks.

ea 13.000m² construction volume 140.000m³

ÖBB Infrastruktur Bau AG

1st Prize 1999

2009 - 2014

2013 - Europäischer Stahlbaupreis | European Steel Design Awards 2013 - Auszeichnung - Salzburger Hauptbahnhof
2013 - Staatspreis Design 2013 - Auszeichnung - Salzburger Hauptbahnhof
2012 - SOLID BauTechPreis (Zeman & Co GmbH)

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