Photo © Alessandra Bello
Photo © Alessandra Bello

Single House Santa Croce

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Cervarese Santa Croce, Italy
100K - 1M
1-5 Stories

The lot is located inside the Euganean Hills Regional Park, surrounded by green hills, on the top of one of them stands the neo-Gothic Villa Serenella.

The project strategy capitalizes on the morphological opportunities the site offers by developing a single-story house, guaranteeing continuity between the living spaces and the surrounding greenery.

The lot configuration permits the best orientation of the building, which is composed of two main volumes, regularly shaped and perpendicular to each other. The living area faces north-south, while the bedrooms are east-west. The equipment rooms, storage and the guest areas are located at the intersection of the two volumes. The space of the living area, thanks to the large glass doors to the north and south, visibly stretches toward the two large adjacent gardens, providing a view of the surrounding hills and Villa Serenella.

Long walls define the architectural set and frame the most evocative views, at the same time guaranteeing a good level of privacy along with the pitched roof that covers the entire volume.

The building is harmoniously inserted in the site, bearing the typical features and traditional elements belonging to the local rural architecture, updating them in a contemporary setting.

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