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Hangzhou, China
Superimpose Architecture
Hangzhou, China

Superimpose was approached as one of the four firms to tender for the masterplan design of the new Lvting Island Project in Hangzhou. The masterplan consists of four different plots, divided by two roads. A subway line and station are situated under the east-west road hence the main focus of this project was creating an outstanding TOD development, which naturally integrates green and leisure into the concept of TOD. In order to achieve this, two main strategies are being utilised:

1) Ecological Loop park
A green loop park around the four sites activates and utilises the riverfront and creates a memorable string of program and experiences. The concept of sponge city is integrated into this loop park.

2) TOD Loops
The four sites are being connected by three second-floor pedestrian circulation loops which become the primary pedestrian circulation. The loops connect the subway station and bus station on the north-west plot to the heart of each individual site.

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