Alserkal Gallery Dubai

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, 2017

Lighting Design and Scenography for a new Museum in the Emirates The concept for this new museum building in Dubai contains a combinat...

Mutuus Studio

Waypoint / Acid Ball

Bellingham, USA, 2019

The Acid Accumulator from the defunct Georgia Pacific mill on Bellingham's waterfront has been transformed into a new art installation pl...

Giona Bierens de Haan Architectures


Vevey, Switzerland, 2018

It’s a car, it’s a bar, it’s Carambar! In 1986, automobile designer and collector Jay Ohrberg created the world’s longest limousine. A sy...

Giona Bierens de Haan Architectures

Dream Bathroom

Genève, Switzerland, 2015

This work explores how far the meaning of “architecture” can be expanded in order to propose a convincing reinterpretation of a common sp...

Giona Bierens de Haan Architectures

El Extraordinario Cine Argentino

Cafayate, Argentina, 2017

The work is an encounter with the magical lands of Salta province in the north of Argentina and is motivated by the construction of a new...

jangled nerves

»Rhine. Reise. Rast.«

Rüdesheim, Germany, 2016

The Niederwald near Rüdesheim is the window into the world heritage cultural landscape of the Rhine Gorge, which stretches across 67 kilo...

Frédéric Dedelley Produkt- und Raumgestaltung

Galerie Mark Müller

Zurich, Switzerland, 2011

A place for art that doesn’t deny its past. Galerie Mark Müller moved near Zurich’s Main Station in Kreis 5, a neighborhood full of cu...

Klaus Schlosser Architekten

Atelier Potsdam

Potsdam, Germany, 2019

Mit der Entscheidung Friedrich-Wilhelms IV., den Norden Potsdams als Teil der Lenneschen Landschaftsgärten entlang der Havel umzuwidmen, ...

Frédéric Dedelley Produkt- und Raumgestaltung

Fair Booth, Eternit Floor, Designers’ Saturday

Langenthal, Switzerland, 2018

The Japanese-inspired indoor garden allows for sensual contact with the product. With our pavilion, we created a space-in-space situat...

Frédéric Dedelley Produkt- und Raumgestaltung

“Exotic?” at Palais de Rumine

Lausanne, Switzerland, 2020

Awakening Curiosity and Posing Questions. What did the discovery of exotic worlds trigger in people’s hearts and minds? How did this i...

Architekt Norbert Müller

Österreichisches Kulturinstitut

New York, USA, 1992

Das aus den Randbedingungen (7,6m x 25m Bauplatz) u. örtl. Sky Exposure Plan9 entstandene Konzept ist dreigeteilt. Untergeschosse, Eingan...

Plasma Studio

Ban Xue Gang Art Center

Shenzhen, China, 2018

The vitality of the cities derives from the participation of people, while the enthusiasm of people is highly related to the openness and...

DGJ Landscapes

If buildings were landscapes ... Exhibition

Zürich, Switzerland, 2021

The exhibition "If buildlings were landscapes ..." designed by DGJ Landscapes will be at Baumuster Centrale Zurich until 12.5.2021. It...

MAP Studio

Exhibition “il tempio vaticano. Carlo Fontana…

Venice, Italy, 2003

The project of the exhibition “The Temple Vatican Carlo Fontana in 1694” in the church of S. Maurizio in Venice was organized as a respon...

markus jandl_architekten

Zwischennutzung Zürcher Zentralwäscherei ZWZ

Zürich, Switzerland, 2020

Die Zürcher Zentralwäscherei ZWZ verlässt ihren zentralen Standort mitten in der Stadt gleich neben der Hardbrücke und erstellt ausserhal...

Olson Kundig

Blakely Island Artist Studio

Blakely Island, USA, 2014

An intimate study in scale, this compact 450 square-foot cabin makes the most of its remote site on a forested bluff overlooking the wate...

Drawing Architecture Studio

No Man's Walk

Beijing, China, 2020

200 metres in length and 5 metres in average width, No Man’s Walk is a piece of public art work DAS created for Beijing Contemporary Art ...

Drawing Architecture Studio

Living Together

Shenzhen, China, 2020

Living Together is a terracotta mural DAS created for the Gan Keng Station of Line 10 of Shenzhen Metro. Taking the urban village of Shen...

Atelier Frank Dittmann

Echo - The mountain calls back

Berne, Switzerland, 2019

The listening exhibition at the Alpine Museum of Switzerland is dedicated to the echo phenomenon from an alpine perspective. The exhibit...

Vazio S/A

Marcel Gautherot

Belo Horizonte, Brazil, 2020

The exhibition design of the show “Marcel Gautherot: Modern records of the invention of Pampulha” seeks to be a response to the architect...

Superimpose Architecture

CO2 Pavilion

Beijing , China, 2018

Superimpose Architecture designed the CO2 Pavilion for the Beijing Design Week 2018 as an enclosed place for isolation and contemplation ...

Tuuli Kanerva

Wilderness Atelier in Vilniemi

Lohja, Finland

A new artists residence for the Union of Finnish Art Associations The new artists residence reacts to the place of a demolished early 20...

LDLuz_Lighting Design Studio


Barcelona, Spain, 2018

(IN)Material is a delicate light installation that explores the nature of light as an intangible matter, which reveals its presence and i...

däschler architekten & ingenieure gmbh

Haus der Flüsse

Havelberg, Germany, 2015

"Haus der Flüsse" Natura 2000 Informationszentrum Biosphärenreservat Mittelelbe Das Haus der Flüsse informiert mit einer Dauerausstell...

Kiefer Klimatechnik GmbH

Wagenhallen Stuttgart

Stuttgart, Germany, 2018

Comfort Air-conditioning in the new Wagenhallen Stuttgart The Stuttgart Wagenhallen buildings were reopened one year ago following a con...


Bamboo Bamboo Canopy and Pavilions

Yangshuo, Guilin, China, 2020

The Impression SanjieLiu, Yangshuo, Guilin is located in one of the most dramatic landscapes in China. Endless greenery surrounds the sit...

Pía Montero , Maria Jesús Molina , Antonia Ossa

Three places to inhabit the mountain range in…

Talca, Chile, 2020

Three works to obtain the degree of architect at the School of architecture of the University of Talca. The three architectural objects ...


Rolling Stones

Graz, Austria, 2013

Conversion and redevelopment of the Cannon Hall at Graz Armory Museum INNOCAD and its multidisciplinary team, consisting of fashion an...


Kandinsky Malewitsch Mondrian. Der weisse…

Düsseldorf, Germany, 2014

Die vielbeachtete Ausstellung „Kandinsky, Mondrian, Malewitsch – Der weiße Abgrund Unendlichkeit“ zeigte hochkarätige Werke der drei Avan...


History Museum - Schaudepot

Graz, Austria, 2017

The client, a public institution in the Austrian region, Styria, needed a fresh concept for the History Museum’s permanent exhibitions an...

B+S ingénieurs conseils SA

ONU Salle XX - Transformation

Genève, Switzerland, 2008

Transformation complète de la salle XX du Palais des Nations à Genève avec intégration d'une œuvre d'art majeure au plafond de l’artiste ...


‘Sky Lounge’ Schindler Besucherzentrum

Ebikon, Switzerland, 2020

Für das neue Schindler Besucherzentrum haben wir die exklusive «Sky Lounge» entworfen. Der Gast trifft hier auf ein einzigartiges Gesamte...

steger design & modellbau

casa carigiet trun

Trun, Switzerland, 2020

Am 19. Februar 2019 brennt die imposante, das Dorfbild prägende Casa Carigiet lichterloh. Die Gebäudeversicherung stellt Totalschaden fes...

Caramel Architekten

das ufg!

Linz, Austria, 2019

Around 60 colored concrete cuboids in black and yellow adorn the forecourt of the Kunstuniversität Linz on Hauptplatz. Designed by Carame...

Steven Massart - Architectuurfotografie

LabOvo pavilion at Labiomista

Genk, Belgium, 2017

LABOVO About halfway into the Cosmopolitan Culture Park emerges a pavilion in light gray concrete and finished with façade elevations in...


House for Contemporary Art

Berlin, Germany, 2019 -

Conversion of the former listed Rheinstahl administrative building into an exhibiton house for contemporary art. Compared to the represen...

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