Innovationspark Zurich

Duebendorf, Switzerland
Development phase 01
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Development phase 02
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Development phase 03
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Development phase 04
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KCAP Zürich
Duebendorf, Switzerland
2018 - ongoing
HRS Real Estate AG
36 ha first phase for offices, laboratories, test fields, research and development, prototype production
Urban planner, Architect
Participating parties
JLL (marketing and leasing), Amstein+Walthert (engineering services), Vogt Landschaftsarchitekten, Drees&Sommer (facility management), SWR Infra (infrastructure), Penzel Valier (architecture), Wüest Partner (economy), Calydo (branding), IBV (mobility)

The Innovation Park Zurich (IPZ) in the north-west corner of the Dübendorf airfield is to become part of the “ecosystem” of complementary research, testing, and application facilities at different knowledge clusters in the Zurich region such as EAWAG, EMPA, ETH or University of Zurich.

The approximately 36 ha development area on the Dübendorf airfield had to overcome several changes in political framework conditions before the synthesis plan could be signed by the Cantonal Government of Zurich in August 2021. Through a common vision, an action plan and an implementation agenda for the entire airfield area, the document ensures the collaborative development between the stakeholders, the Canton and the surrounding municipalities. HRS Real Estate AG leads the development.

KCAP has been involved in the development and implementation concept of the Innovation Park Zurich since 2018, focusing on innovative urban development, environmental compatibility, sustainability, and careful use of existing resources. The urban design concept is based on the initial design by Hosoya Schaefer and provides a structure that allows for both flexible realisation of buildings and flexibility in renting spaces to growing companies according to their needs. Additionally, sufficient open space is available for testing new technologies.

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