Minsuk Cho's Serpentine Pavilion

A Courtyard Comes to Kensington Gardens

John Hill
14. mai 2024
Photo: Screenshot from “Architect Minsuk Cho on designing the Serpentine Pavilion 2024” at Serpentine's YouTube channel

Minsuk Cho's design for the 23rd Serpentine Gallery Pavilion was unveiled in January, with just a couple of renderings and a few words about Archipelagic Void, as the Seoul-based architect titled the pavilion. Consisting of five covered spaces, or “islands” surrounding a central void, the design was inspired by small courtyards found in old Korean houses. We also learn in the short film produced by Dezeen for Serpentine that such voids are a recurring theme in the work of Mass Studies, as are “multiple conditions united as a single whole.” As such, Cho hopes visitors will “compose their own moments and experiences” within the pavilion after it opens in June.

Archipelagic Void will open in Kensington Gardens on June 7 and be on display until October 27, 2024.

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