Caochang Hutong Courtyard Houses, Renovation and Exhibition


Crossboundaries contributes to a vital built environment through architecture, environmental design and urban regeneration. We create enduring architecture that often deals with remarkable technical processes, yet always has a pleasant material touch and human atmosphere. The work of Crossboundaries originates from a strong belief that design as a process results in successful, operational buildings. This approach is based on two fundamental principles: research and collaboration. For our projects we create suitable multi-disciplinary teams where all participants can assess the opportunities within the given conditions. We identify the essential questions, jointly create pragmatic solutions by data collection and analyze significant precedents. We regularly discuss possible programmatic shifts with our clients to raise their benefits of the project. This approach has been proven successful for projects ranging from automotive production to childcare facilities and cultural complexes. Founded in 2005 and organized as an international partnership, Crossboundaries has staff originating from and trained in Asia, Europe and North America we provide unique spatial solutions deriving from local cultural knowledge and transnational expertise.

Passionately facilitating for human needs – Crossboundaries main interest is people. We are dedicated to solve challenges to deliver creative solutions. We innovate products that result from going beyond the requirements of a brief to include the sensitivities of human needs, in the process sharing our knowledge and philosophy.

Driven by the value of bringing together – Crossboundaries practices by name. We are a multidisciplinary and multicultural practice involved in projects related to design in the wider sense, deriving solutions from local knowledge and transnational expertise. We continuously improve our processes by embracing changing human needs and technology, involving the various stakeholders in the design dialog from the early stages.

Evolving limitations to qualitative assets – Crossboundaries looks at limitations as opportunities to create unique solutions. We want to contribute shaping a greater future, we seek for highest quality of design and implement projects that maximize the value and benefits for both clients and users.

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