Music Pavilion

Genève, Suisse
Photo © Nicolas Haeni
Photo © Nicolas Haeni
Photo © Giona Bierens de Haan
Photo © Giona Bierens de Haan
Photo © Nicolas Haeni
Photo © Nicolas Haeni
Photo © Nicolas Haeni
Photo © Nicolas Haeni
Giona Bierens de Haan Architectures
Place de Neuve, 1205 Genève, Suisse
0 - 100 000
1-5 étages

It’s difficult to exist in the middle of the Place de Neuve in the center of Geneva. In between the “Grand-Théâtre,” the “Conservatoire,” the “Musée Rath,” and the famous “Parc des Bastions,” the commission given by the city of Geneva was to answer this question for the four day event “Fête de la Musique.” The resulting thirty-four meter long pavilion works as a cultural machine. It hosts a stage for live bands, a balcony for DJ’s, and a bar. It frames the entrance of the “Grand-Théâtre,” is filled with audio and light effects and includes special features such as smoke cannons and an inflatable rainbow to identify it as a strong landmark. The pavilion faces the exit of the park and re-purposes the urban knot / roundabout as a public space. The structural module is radically repeated in order to emphasize the length of the architectural
object. The rough design and grey textile interact with the neo-classical facade of the theater, allowing the two buildings to respond to one another in a dialogue through time.

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