on 02/02/22

On Saturday, January 29, the funeral of Lluís Comerón Graupera, president of the Superior Council of Architects of Spain, took place in Barcelona, at the Basilica of Santa Maria del Mar. The event was attended by a large crowd, a clear sign of the immense loss that this death represents to... Madeline Beach Carey

on 20/01/22

Apartment Blossom is the second volume in the Urban Studies Degree Zero Series. This beautifully designed, delicately bound book includes short essays by Li Han, partner at Drawing Architecture... Madeline Beach Carey

on 19/10/21

Annie Coggan — designer, artist, educator, and a principal at Coggan + Crawford Architecture and Design in Brooklyn — has created a quirky, gorgeous, singular book called The Book of Errors. This slim volume is a beautiful object, but it is also a manifesto of sorts, a primer on how “to... Madeline Beach Carey

on 02/06/21

It is an extraordinary time for art museums and therefore a good moment for The Art Museum in Modern Times, which functions as a global guide through the evolution of art museums over the last century. The new book was written by Charles Saumarez Smith, a veteran of numerous art... Madeline Beach Carey

on 23/04/21

Madeline Carey reviews Building for Hope: Towards an Architecture of Belonging, the new book by Marwa al-Sabouni, a follow-up to The Battle for Home, the memoir that brought the Syrian architect international acclaim five years ago.  Madeline Beach Carey

on 19/08/20

In June author Adrian Duncan won the inaugural John McGahern Book Prize from the University of Liverpool’s Institute of Irish Studies for Love Notes from a German Building Site. Named for one of the most important Irish writers of the twentieth century, the annual prize recognizes the... Madeline Beach Carey

on 02/04/20

World-Architects recently corresponded with Ángela Baldellou, who runs Observatorio 2030, a group created by the Council of Spanish Architects that brings together professionals and experts from... Madeline Beach Carey

on 16/01/20

Two years ago this month, the Davos Declaration 2018 called for a policy of "high-quality Baukultur" across Europe. Spain signed the Declaration in spring 2019, turning what many of the country's architects have practiced for decades into official public policy. Madeline Carey examines... Madeline Beach Carey

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