Tiled Garden

Venice, イタリア, 2010

Ningbo Tengtou Pavillion

Shanghai, China, 2010

Decay of a Dome Exhibit

Venice, イタリア, 2010

Ningbo History Museum

Ningbo, China, 2008

Five Scattered Houses

Ningbo, China, 2006

Vertical Courtyard Apartments

Hangzhou, China, 2006

This group of buildings is located at the entrance of the city from the airport. There are six nearly one hundred meter high buildings, f...

Ceramic House

Jinhua, China, 2006

The small house of one hundred square meters, - a café -, I decided to make it a container. Whether it will hold wind or water is complet...

Ningbo Contemporary Art Museum

Ningbo, China, 2005

The project is located at the former “Bund” in Ningbo. The whole area undergoes a functional reconstruction, because the form...

China Art Academy, new campus of Xiangshan…

Hangzhou, China, 2004

The design for this campus is considered as a start of a reform. The choice of themes is directed by traditional construction culture and...

Library of Wenzheng College at the Suzhou…

Suzhou, China, 2000

In designing the library, my purpose was to make people aware that they live between mountains and water, which is the garden style of Su...

Cafe Bar and Gallery

Shanghai, China, 2000

The project is simple in design. A wall separates the café-bar and the gallery. One is pure black, the other white. One is complex...