Dance House Helsinki


Architecture has to do with the context. Architecture of a single building simultaneously creates the larger architectural context: new fragments of urban fabric or landscape emerge.

Architecture has to do with people. Spatial experience, scale and function are abstract things. But in buildings, they should be translated into a physical form. Buildings begin their life when somebody walks in.

Architecture has to do with making sculptures. The guiding force behind the architectural concept is the logic of sculptures. The design process is a delicate affair of refining the balance between the contemporary and timelessness, between stereotypical beauty and odd discoveries.

Architecture has to do with craft. The finished building is what counts. Over decades, buildings should not only withstand time, but get more beautiful with age. The materials of a building are real: they have texture, weight and smell. The joints in a wooden boat possess beauty because they are simple, natural and full fill their function. In buildings, architectural beauty can be found in crafting things. Architects are craftsmen.


  • 建築家
Helsinki, Finland