ISH digital 2021 | Behind the Scenes

noa* network of architecture
8. juni 2021
Barbara Runggatscher (Photo © noa* network of architecture)

Each week, we present one of the four expert lectures held at the ISH digital 2021. Barbara Runggatscher from noa* network of architecture, based in Bozen, Italy, and Berlin, talks about the interplay of technology, function, and design.

For us interior designers, the goal is that people feel comfortable in the rooms we design. The ideal interplay of technology, function and design makes up the feel-good character of a room. Integrating and hiding the technical necessities as discreetly as possible often presents us with great challenges.

Barbara Runggatscher

Parc Hotel Florian, located at the edge of the village of Siusi allo Sciliar (Photo © Alex Filz)

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