King Adulaziz Center for World Culture

Saudi Arabia

German photographer specialized in architectural photography covering architecture, retail, interior, museums, scenography, trade shows, aerial shots, hotels and more.

Working as an architectural photographer allows me to combine my three passions – architecture, art and photography. After studying photography at the Merz Akademie in Stuttgart, I have been shooting art and architecture for more than 15 years. My pictures mirror my impartial eye for symmetry, silhouettes and sculptures. Stylistic but yet dramatizing high-end portrayals of a piece of art influence the audience’s perspective and put the focus on the complete art work of the architect or artist. Visually communicating between customer and the public, I consider myself as a promoter bringing the creator’s art piece to perfection. I work customer-oriented and my portfolio catalyzes the master pieces of numerous clients.
My work base is in Stuttgart, but I keep close ties with my American network from my time working in New York City and I have been documenting some of the most impressive constructions worldwide.

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Stuttgart, Alemanha