Sheikh Rashid Auditorium

Dubai, United Arab Emirates
图片 © TTC Timmler Technology
图片 © TTC Timmler Technology
图片 © TTC Timmler Technology
图片 © TTC Timmler Technology
TTC Timmler Technology GmbH
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Architect/Light Planner
Arcline Interiors, Dubai
Distribution Partner
Eros Group, Dubai
Interior Lighting

East meets West
The Sheikh Rashid Auditorium is an imposing building of the Indian High School in Dubai. When redesigning the event room with its 1,800 seats, several ADO Lights luminaires were combined to a new design language.

26 circular light elements were used, each comprising one LED-Luc with a centre diameter of 60 millimetres, 6 LED-Luc miniature spots, framed by 3.9 metres of curved LED-LightLine.Wood (MDF) was used as the carrier material and the wiring as well as the power supplies were also supplied by ADO Lights.

The modern and at the same time oriental looking ornamentation was realised by a local partner, the Eros Group. This renowned company, focussed on the United Arab Emirates and the Middle East, is a trading partner of leading brands. This applies, in particular, to entertainment electronics and for its growing involvement in the field of lighting technology the Eros Group now cooperated with ADO Lights for the first time.

But this is more than just a successful collaboration. The result of this cooperation is attractively styled and meets the demands of this spacious room that regularly hosts theatre performances and other cultural events. The light elements on the side walls of the auditorium appear decorative, like oversized brooches. Above all, they can be infinitely dimmed – to suit the occasion or the light intensity desired in the course of the performance.

Illumination | Products
- 26 Mural light elements
- Each composed of:
6 LED-Luc 2,700K
1 LED-Luc 60 2,700K
3.9 m LED-LightLine 2.700K curved/circular
- Incl. power supplies and wiring
- All dimmable


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