Akio Nakasa / Naf Architect & Design

Tokyo Diagonal Tower

Tokyo, Japan, 2019

A tower residential building within 15-minutes’ walk from Tokyo Tower. As the site is compact and its frontal road being roughly 5m, the ...

Powerhouse Company

Paper Roof

Tianjin, China, 2019

Powerhouse Company’s Paper Roof, the light-as-air design for a reception center for a new city district next to Jin Hai Lake in Bin Hai, ...

Jos. Berchtold AG

Erweiterungsbau Kunsthaus Zürich

Zürich, Switzerland, 2021

1910 am Heimplatz errichtet, wurde das Kunsthaus seit damals mehrfach erweitert. Nun wird es mit dem von David Chipperfield entworfenen, ...

Olson Kundig

The Burke Museum

Seattle, USA, 2019

The Burke Museum is the oldest public museum in Washington State with a collection of over 16 million artifacts and specimens, ranging fr...


Underground Station Rotes Rathaus

Berlin, Germany, 2020

The new central station and the government district are being connected to the underground train network by an extension of the line U5 f...

311 studio

Centro de Salud T-II en Bailén

Jaén, Spain, 2015

Superimpose Architecture

The Curve

Phnom Penh, Cambodia

The vibrant, eclectic and street-scale city characteristics of Phnom Penh, with remnants of colonial heritage architecture and urban desi...

Superimpose Architecture

Four by Two

Changzhi, China

Within the new CBD of Changzhi, designed by Superimpose, four diamond-plan shaped office towers will arrise. The client’s brief requests ...

Superimpose Architecture


Beijing, China, 2018

Superimpose designed the new home of the Beijing Academy of Creative Arts as a bright, flexible, fun, and student-centered space, which i...

Superimpose Architecture

Season Bridges

Hangzhou, China

Superimpose was invited for a competition to design 4 groups of bridges at a new urban development in Hangzhou. Superimpose won the compe...

Superimpose Architecture

The Play-round

Changzhi, China

Superimpose designed a kindergarten, which encourages kids to explore, play, stimulate their senses and, most importantly, to be active i...

Superimpose Architecture

BnB Village

安顺 An Shun, China

Superimpose designed 41 rural country houses for a new BnB village in Guizhou Province. The interior and exterior are designed to be simp...

Superimpose Architecture


Hangzhou, China

After the client noticed the success of the Micr-O education center in Hangzhou, Superimpose was asked to design an experience centre for...

Superimpose Architecture

The Red Courtyard

Red Courtyard, China, 2021

Superimpose designed a community-focused mixed-use development for Vanke as the new heart of Beijing’s Yongfeng residential district. The...

Superimpose Architecture

The Skygardens

Hangzhou, China

Superimpose Architecture proposed an elegant office development design with floating 'skygardens' for the Huanglong central district Hang...

Superimpose Architecture

Sky Gallery

Hangzhou, China

Superimpose designed an iconic sales gallery for real estate developer Vanke as the ‘Pivot Point’ for a 1 million square meter developmen...

Superimpose Architecture


Nanping, China

Superimpose and LEAP won the invited masterplan tender as a consortium for Greentown Associated Fund Platform for a new financial town al...

Superimpose Architecture

The Valley

Hangzhou, China

Superimpose Architecture proposed an elegant office development design with a powerful massing and landscape gesture inspired by mountain...

Superimpose Architecture

The Sunloft

Beijing, China, 2018

Superimpose converted an 85 square meter, dark, confined and deteriorated loft apartment in Beijing into a bright, green and spacious env...

Cushing Terrell

Glacier Eye Clinic - Addition

Kalispell, USA, 2020

Glacier Eye Clinic is a 29,000 sq. ft. building composed on a naturally sloping site, oriented to take full advantage of the views of Gla...

Büronauten AG

Ernst & Young

Basel, Switzerland, 2020

2’520m2, 200 Arbeitsplätze (HC) - und die Büronauten AG in Teilnahme an der Präqualifikation für die Auswahl des Innenarchitekten durch d...


Headquarter Office of ViaBTC

Shenzhen, China, 2019

Project Name: Headquarter Office of ViaBTC Location: Tower B, Yifang Centre, Baoan District, Shenzhen Design Team: ONEXN Architects (htt...


Peak Tea

Shenzhen, China, 2019

Opportunity and Imagination The project is located at Haiya Mage Mall in Bao’an, Shenzhen. As such a drawer concept retail is built with...

Hong Designworks

Experiential Hall in Shanghai

Shanghai, China, 2019

The project is situated within a Victorian building constructed in the last century in Shanghai. Over the years the old house has witness...

Hong Designworks

Office of New Silk Road E-Commerce Company

Xi'an, China, 2019

New Silk Road Office — A space where colour palette coordinates with form In the modern home, colour harmonies which are definitely archi...

The Architectural Design & Research Institute

Glass Bridge in Huangchuan Three Gorges Scenic…

Lianzhou, China, 2020

Bridge is a kind of structure built based on the terrain, and also a sort of art that symbolizes connection and communication. Located in...

The Architectural Design & Research Institute

International Campus of Zhejiang University

Ninghai, China, 2017

In the era of globalization where cross-border flow of educational resources has become the norm, Zhejiang University has proposed a stra...



Shenzhen, China, 2019

Project name: JOYS Location: Xiangmi Third Village, Hongli West Road, Futian District, Shenzhen, China Design firm: Onexn Architects(http...


The Mountain View by Onexn Architects |…

Shenzhen, China, 2019

01 Natural and serene surroundings Situated beside Yanhan Mountain, the building is very close to nature and not far away from the city a...


Marunys Shell House

Sant Joan les Fonts, Spain, 2016

The building, compact in appearance, is located at the top of a hill on the outskirts of the town limits, completing the physiography of ...


Full moon

Olot, Spain, 2016

The Sun An outdoor room expands the domestic activity of a dark house which is built into the northern face of a volcano. The new carve...


KWC ONO | Arte Seminar- und Konferenzhotel

Olten, Switzerland, 2015

This 4-star hotel is well-known in Switzerland as an excellent conference and seminar hotel. It is located in the heart of Switzerland, s...


Two houses in one

Llagostera, Spain, 2018

Terraced house in Llagostera The domestic program of this terraced house is developed in a single floor of 12 x 15 m, located half lev...

Rush\Wright Associates

Immigration Museum

Melbourne, Australia, 2017

The Immigration Museum Activation Project was a small but significant opportunity to reconsider the underutilized rear courtyard of the M...



Sant Esteve d'en Bas, Spain, 2019

Two slabs sew the houses of Can Man and Can Central in Sant Esteve d'en Bas. The two-family holiday home, with one floor for each, now ha...



Olot, Spain, 2017

A square-shaped public square, defined by two porches and open to the football pitches. This will be the centre of the sports complex of ...

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