Botanic Exhibition Greenhouse

Hebei, China
Photo © Interval Architects
Photo © Interval Architects
Photo © Interval Architects
Photo © Interval Architects
Photo © Interval Architects
Interval Architects
Oscar KO, Gu Yunduan

Seven repetitive geometric pyramids make up the roof of this exhibition hall. Each cone consists of steel structure and triangular glass curtain wall. The peripheral glass curtain wall, as well as the transparent roof, creates the transparency of the entire building and fits in with the exhibition nature of the plant gallery.

Adaptation to the Climate
The design of the steep slope of the roof is a response to the cold climate in Hebei. Because it snows in winter in Hebei, it takes a hill that is tilted enough to allow the snow to slip down. When the rain and snow slip to the bottom, the rainwater pipe at the junction of the geometric cone can drain the melted snow water elsewhere.

Duplicated units do not require mass customization, and can apply the same models and parameters. This results in reducing the building costs and construction difficulties, shortening the construction period. The reason for choosing the structure of geometry, rather than arc vault structure, also comes from the economy concern. The cost of a linear structure is a more economical option. From economic benefits, the cost of the whole project is reduced because of the thoughtful design.

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