Spotlight on Italy

John Hill
16. maio 2018
SET Architects: Bologna Shoah Memorial, Bologna, 2016 (Photo: Simone Bossi)
archiplanstudio: CASA RJ, Mantua, 2017 (Photo courtesy of archiplanstudio)

archiplanstudio, Mantua
"Archiplanstudio has for many years a research project related to architecture, exploring relationships with the environment. The architectures are translated into specific actions and interventions that seek in their construction, the reasons for belonging to places, appropriateness and spirituality."

Ciclostile Architettura: Francesca Pasquali Archive, Castel San Pietro, 2017 (Photo: Fabio Mantovani)

Ciclostile Architettura, Bologna
"Ciclostile Architettura is an architectural and urban planning firm based in Bologna particularly interested in building rehabilitation, public space and participatory planning."

Studio DiDeA: Existenz Minimum House A223, Palermo, 2017

Studio DiDeA, Palermo
"Didea is an integrated architecture, interior, branding and design firm based in Palermo. After an in-depth analysis of the urban and historic project’s context, DiDea design approach starts from the very first concept to working plan, throughout a precise choice of artisans and contractors and a careful works supervision, maintaining a continuos dialogue with the clients, so as to meet their needs and desires."

duearchitetti: casa SC, 2015 (Photo: Simone Bossi)

duearchitetti, Varese
"Believing that architecture is the result of a careful observation of the relationship between the person and the space. Architecture should not only give in terms of space but also, and especially, in terms of emotions. Otherwise it is housing. From the surrounding space it should receive. Light, heat, and when it is possible, the beauty of the nature or a glimpse of the city."

FTA | Filippo Taidelli Architetto: Humanitas University Campus, Rozzano, 2017

FTA | Filippo Taidelli Architetto, Milan
"Established in 2005 by Filippo Taidelli, FTA is a multidisciplinary architectural and design firm based in Milan. FTA’s philosophy is characterized by energetically efficient consciousness and sensibility toward context and topology. The firm aims to implement a delicate balance between innovative technologies and the use of traditional materials – rendering the complexity of integrated design into its most essential creative expression."

Labics: Città del Sole, Rome, 2016 (Photo: Marco Cappelletti)

Labics, Rome
"Labics architecture was founded by Maria Claudia Clemente, Francesco Isidori and Marco Sardella in 2002. The main aim was to convey, under a unique name, those architects, artists and designers who identify with a shared experimentation project in the field of architecture. Labics research activity aims at an architecture capable of overcoming the status of a singular object, in favor of an architecture that becomes territory, background, structure."

Park Associati: Office building restyling in via Chiese, Milan, 2017 (Photo: Milano Gallery)

Park Associati, Milan
​"Listening, Experimentation, Complexity and Narration mark the architecture and design culture of PARK ASSOCIATI. The work of the studio, founded in 2000 in Milano by Filippo Pagliani and Michele Rossi, features a constantly changing yet highly distinctive stylistic approach, which reflects the open, transversal and scientific attitude of the two partners and their collaborators."

pedevilla architects: Hotel Bühelwirt, Ahrntal, 2017 (Photo: Gustav Willeit)

pedevilla architects, Bruneck
"Pedevilla Architects was founded in 2005 by brothers Alexander and Armin Pedevilla. Among the main tasks of the office are challenging architectural projects in private and public spheres as well as creative interior designs and innovative design concepts. The objective of the layout is always to implement the desires and needs of the people and to incorporate these with a clear architectural stylistic vocabulary."

Perathoner Architects: Piz Seteur, Val Gardena, 2017

Perathoner Architects, Selva Gardena
"Our architectural studio is devoted to a broad spectrum of building tasks, ranging from residential, hospitality, leisure and commercial design to urban planning. The harmonious integration of the architecture into the surrounding landscape and the conscientious implementation of energy efficient solutions are hallmarks of each of our projects."

piuarch: M89 Hotel, Milan, 2017 (Photo: Andrea Martiradonna)

piuarch, Milan
"Founded in 1996 by Francesco Fresa, Germán Fuenmayor, Gino Garbellini and Monica Tricario, Piuarch means openness: the ability to incorporate different viewpoints and approaches in one single project, creating a network further enhanced by technical and cultural contributions from professionals and consultants from different field. "

Scandurra Studio: Paleocapa 7 Offices, Milan, 2017 (Photo: Filippo Romano)

Scandurra Studio, Milan
"The office is based in Milan and realizes projects around the world. Scandurra Studio has been taking part in the last two editions of the International Architecture Exhibition at the Biennale di Venezia. It also set up the exhibition Gold medal for Italian architecture 2009 which has been nominated for the 2011 Compasso d’Oro award."

Schiattarella Associati: Square in Vacone, 2017 (Photo: Luigi Filetici)

Schiattarella Associati, Rome
"Schiattarella Associati operates within the fields of design, architecture, urbanism, research and development. Schiattarella Associati has always combined its professional engagements with equally intensive efforts of research, taking part in both national and international competitions while working to disseminate architectural culture."

SET Architects: Press Box, Rome, 2017 (Photo: Marco Cappelletti)

SET Architects, Rome
"SET is an architecture, urbanism and design studio based in Rome, led by Lorenzo Catena, Onorato di Manno and Andrea Tanci. SET believes in an essential architecture based on the study of proportions and the use of simple geometric shapes. Simplicity is the key theme of the entire creative process, from the abstract idea to the design solution as a response to the complexity of the functional program."

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