A Richard Neutra House, Redecorated

John Hill
15. February 2024
The “tour-de-force,” double-wide living room of Richard Neutra's Brown House. (Photo: Screenshot from “Inside Ryan Murphy’s Bel Air Home Built By Richard Neutra”/Architectural Digest)

Befitting Architectural Digest, “Inside Ryan Murphy’s Bel Air Home Built By Richard Neutra” is more interior design than architecture, more furniture and decor than space and materiality. But unlike AD's popular “Open Door” house tours, where celebrities lead viewers through their well-staged homes, the short film on the Brown House is serene, with gentle music accompanying the lush visuals and low-key narration by Demi Moore, Angela Bassett, Naomi Watts, and other famous women. Watch the 11-½ minute film below or visit the AD website to read the article that the narration closely follows.

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