2WTC Loses Anchor Tenants

John Hill
20. January 2016
Image: Courtesy of Silverstein Properties

Less than a year after Bjarke Ingels's firm redesigned Two World Trade Center for 21st Century Fox and News Corp, the companies have decided to remain in Midtown Manhattan until 2025.

According to the New York Post, which discovered the news via real estate sources and confirmed it with the companies, "the decision not to move was entirely for business reasons, and not to do with any issues involving the World Trade Center site." Further, the landlord in one of their Midtown buildings "made a 'compelling' offer to Fox and News Corp. to remain, including building modernization and public space improvements."

The news puts a big question mark squarely over 2WTC, which was redesigned by BIG – Bjarke Ingels Group to cater to the needs of Fox and News Corp. The description of the design on the Silverstein Properties website (still) describes how "the needs and requirements of the media company and other tenants are concentrated into seven separate building volumes, each tailored to their unique activities."

BIG's design, which would supplant the previous 2WTC by Norman Foster, was unveiled in June 2015 to much acclaim. Without the anchors that drove the design, it's unclear what form the tower will eventually take.

Not to appear disheartened the news, developer Larry Silverstein said in a statement: "Make no mistake, it won’t be long before we find a great company to anchor 2 World Trade Center."

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