38 'Outstanding' Projects in MCHAP 2022

John Hill
16. June 2022
Beloit Powerhouse by Studio Gang, one of the 38 projects (Photo © Tom Harris)

This next step in the process of the fourth biennial awards (delayed two years due to the pandemic) comes three months before the announcement of the MCHAP.emerge winner on September 21, but a long ten months before we will know the winner of the main prize, which will happen in April 2023. If previous iterations are any indication, the six-member jury* will determine six finalists, each of which the jury will visit before determining the winner. The main prize consists of built works completed between January 2018 and June 2021, while the emerging prize acknowledges the best built work in a practice in its first ten years of operations.

"The outstanding projects exhibited immense diversity across programs, scales and problems addressed; such solutions manifest across a variety of budgets, scales, and sizes. There were projects which address how people live (housing), how they gather (community projects), how they solve problems (infrastructure and prosaic building types), how they engage the public and offer unique spaces (public spaces and museums), and how they honor history (memorials and historical projects). Regardless of their diversity in approach, every project, within its scope, explores improving the quality of architecture and enhancing life. All projects also show an immense sensitivity in responding to their physical and cultural context."

Jury statement

Visit the MCHAP website to see the 38 Outstanding Projects. In lieu of listing the projects here, below is a list of the countries (from 35 eligible countries in North and South America) where the Outstanding Projects are located:

  • Argentina: 4
  • Brazil: 2
  • Canada: 1
  • Chile: 3
  • Colombia: 5
  • Ecuador: 1
  • Mexico: 9
  • Paraguay: 2
  • Peru: 1
  • United States: 9
  • Venezuela: 1
McDonald's Chicago Flagship by Ross Barney Architects, another one of the 38 projects (Photo © Kendall McCaugherty, Hall+Merrick Photographers)
*The MCHAP 2022 jury:

  • Sandra Barclay (Jury Chair; Lima, Peru), Founding Partner of Barclay & Crousse Architecture and Professor at Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú
  • Mónica Bertolino (Córdoba, Argentina), Owner of Estudio Bertolino-Barrado and Professor at the School of Architecture, Urbanism, and Design at Córdoba National University
  • Alejandro Echeverri (Medellin, Colombia), Director of URBAM Centro de Estudios Urbanos y Ambientales, Owner of Alejandro Echeverri + Valencia Architects, and Distinguished Professor at TEC de Monterrey
  • Julie Eizenberg (Santa Monica, CA, USA), Founding Principal of Koning Eizenberg Architects
  • Philip Kafka (Detroit, MI, USA), President of Prince Concepts
  • Dirk Denison (Chicago, IL, USA), MCHAP Director and Professor at the Illinois Institute of Technology College of Architecture, ex officio

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