Apartment Building Schauenbergstrasse

Zurich, Switzerland

Ron Edelaar, Elli Mosayebi, and Christian Inderbitzin founded their architectural firm in Zurich in 2005. The firm’s broad scope of work encompasses building projects – from design to construction – and urban planning along with exhibitions and publications. Housing represents a main focus of their research, teaching, and practice. In addition, major projects have been realized through routine collaboration with Baumberger Stegmeier Architektur since 2011. Ron Edelaar, Elli Mosayebi and Christian Inderbitzin were enrolled as members of the Federation of Swiss Architects in 2014.

Christian Inderbitzin has been Professor at Karlsruhe Institute of Technology since 2020, he taught at the EPF Lausanne in 2015/2016 and, together with Elli Mosayebi and Ron Edelaar, at ETH Zurich in 2017/2018. Elli Mosayebi has been Professor for Architecture and Design at ETH Zurich since 2018. From 2012 until 2018 she was Professor for Design Housing at TU Darmstadt. Ron Edelaar has been a lecturer in constructive design at the ZHAW Winterthur since 2020.

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Zürich, Switzerland
2010 (2005)