Seley Seating

Glarus, Switzerland
Photo © Alain-Bucher
Photo © Alain-Bucher
Photo © Alain-Bucher
Photo © Alain-Bucher
Photo © Alain-Bucher
Photo © Alain-Bucher
Interior Designers
Frédéric Dedelley Produkt- und Raumgestaltung
horgenglarus, Glarus

Continuing the tradition with elegance and lightness.

My designs for the Seley line of seating are based on the tried and true principle behind all Horgenglarus chairs: a minimum number of parts, legs and seat made of solid wood, all wooden elements steam bent. The armrests and back are made of plywood and shaped to form an ergonomically optimized shell. So far so classical: the unusual and new aspect here is the overall shape. The Seley is a low-rise chair with the proportions of a small armchair, outfitted with a spring core sitting cushion. This makes for a chair, stool, and bench that are comfortable and delicate at the same time. The range of materials and colors stretches from confidently calm to full of temperament, from various woods to a vibrant yellow.

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