Julia Stoschek Collection

Duesseldorf, Alemanha
Photo © Ulrich Schwarz
Photo © Ulrich Schwarz
Photo © Ulrich Schwarz
Photo © Ulrich Schwarz
Duesseldorf, Alemanha
Julia Stoschek

The conversion of the former factory building for the Julia Stoschek Collection is characterised by two contrasting stipulations: the landmark facade was to be preserved in its original form, while the interior organisation was to be rearranged to form a habitable art repository with a collection of contemporary media art. This was achieved through a house-within-a-house construction: the installation of a second wall leaves the outward appearance of the façade untouched and at the same time meets the demands of the installation projects in the year-long exhibitions. The exhibition areas, which sit on top of one another, are spatially connected through a large opening in their ceilings. The exhibition route follows this vertical opening and leads the visitor up through the levels of the building, from the projection room in the basement, to the public exhibition areas on the ground floor and first floor, to the large collector’s 12-metre-high loft, which is flooded with light. From here you can reach two private floors via a delicate staircase construction, followed by the roof platform. On top of the new extension, it forms the crowning conclusion, its sign-like character referencing the former logo that once shone above the building.

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